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Captain Wallywog Tales by AmberLepu
Captain Wallywog Tales
I was so taken in by Dr-Reggie's tales from Max about our dear Captain Wallywog that I had no choice but to draw it.
Putting out fires by AmberLepu
Putting out fires
It seems Rita was recruited in putting out the city fires during the raid. How long can she take the heat before getting out of the city?
Rita could not recall a time she had been more tired. Soot stained her skin and feathers as she glided low over the still smoldering buildings. Although airborne her wings felt leaden and stiff while her body ached from the exertion that came with carrying full pails of water again and again to seek out the flames that ravaged the city. Poising herself over an updraft she would scan the city below her before picking out a target and dumping the contents of the pail over it before winging away to the relief effort to fill back up again. But this wasn't her city...these weren't her people. So how had she gotten into all of this mess?

It had been that boy that had started it all. Upon meeting him on the road leading from the forest she had followed him far past the safety of his glen and into the wild of the world. Of course, he had insisted he didn't need her, and maybe he didn't, but she had tagged along like a stubborn feather stuck to his tunic. What he expected to find in a city of all places was beyond her but neither of them had ever anticipated the horrors they would see upon arriving. What once had stood as a prosperous city now smoldered in ruin, the screams of the inhabitants rending the air in a sickening cacophony of panic and death. As they had stood at the precipice she had so badly wanted to snatch the boy up and fly far away from this place. Let him return to the innocence of the forest or even the sights of a distant place, a safe place. Yet as she had even gone to reach for him he had dashed into the furious flames that towered before them. “Snapjack! Snapjack, wait!” her voice had screeched through the smoke and confusion to find no answer but the panicked wails of the scattered citizens.

Before she could wing in after him another Kokiri had spotted her and approached, her voice ringing out with determination. “You there, Rito! Please help evacuate the city, we need your wings!” And thus it had begun. Hesitating for a moment she considered just flying away and fighting her own fight back at the spire. But that wasn't why she was here, was it? No, giving the woman a nod she extended her lengthy wings and took to the sky. Although she could see many people running and some even seeking refuge on their roofs from the monsters she could still not find any sight of Snapjack as she flew.

Those on the roofs would come first for her. They were the easiest to reach and she didn't need to land in order to retrieve them. Lowering herself to hover above them she would call, “Grab on and hold on! I'm getting you out of here!” before taking back off and soaring past the city walls. Again and again she would return, some of the weaker citizens having to climb onto her back or drape around her waist until she could no longer hold them. It was then the buckets had been thrust into her talons and she would douse the flames that impeded the search of the scouts below.

It would be hours before she finally gave in, her body unable to take any more strain as she lay exhausted on the grass outside the gate. A few of the townsfolk had seen to getting her fresh water to drink and did their best to make her comfortable in thanks for her aid. As she lay there she could only feel a restlessness that came with unknowing. She really hoped that kid had made it out ok.
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Through the urging of a certain someone ElfSama I decided to jump on this dating meme! 

Comment below with the name of one of my characters, and I'll give you 3+ Pros and Cons of dating them!
Feel free to do married, single, widowed, any of my characters!

Here are some references:…


United States


HPM Aisling by AmberLepu

Aisling's Diary by AmberLepu


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